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Many local organizations offer internships for PharmD students.  You are not required to work as an intern outside of the core curriculum in order to graduate or to become licensed as a pharmacist.  However, many employers and pharmacy residency directors value practice experience, and students often pursue employment as interns for this reason.  Students are encouraged to contact advisors or other faculty regarding guidance on career development opportunities as early as possible. The School's Professional Development Guide also provides information on career development opportunities. 

Internship Positions

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Occasionally opportunities to volunteer in pharmacy departments within health systems in the Puget Sound area become available. Students are encouraged to be proactive in seeking out opportunities to observe and participate in projects and special activities that the pharmacy departments have available. Students can participate in quality improvement projects, implementing new services, and assessing the effectiveness of clinical activities in which pharmacists participate.

To post a position please contact the School of Pharmacy, Academic & Student Programs Office 


Pharmacist Positions

Pharmacist positions can be found on the UW School of Pharmacy Alumni Page. To post a pharmacist position, please contact