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Financial Aid

Scholarships, Grants and Loans

In addition to financial aid being available to students through the UW Office of Student Financial Aid, the School of Pharmacy provides limited financial assistance to PharmD students through scholarships, grants and loans. The following describes the types of aid available from each of these sources in addition to the policies, procedures and contingency upon receiving the aid. Please refer questions to the contact people listed below.

UW Office of Student Financial Aid:

Pharmacy Liaison, Luke Brist: (206) 685-2048 or General Office (206) 543-6101

The UW Office of Student Financial Aid, 105 Schmitz Hall, administers federal, state, and private financial aid programs designed to help students pay for their education. Assistance is available in the form of grants and scholarships, work opportunities and loans. An information packet describing the different programs, eligibility criteria, and application procedures may be obtained by calling (206) 543-6101or emailing osfa@u.washington.edu, website: http://www.washington.edu/students/osfa/

To be eligible for financial aid through the Office of Student Financial Aid, an individual must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, or other non-eligible citizen and admitted to the University as a matriculated, degree-seeking student. Priority consideration is given to students who submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (online at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/) to the federal processor’s office by the University’s financial aid application deadline in February.

Important: If at any time you incur a change in your resources, you must contact the Office of Student Financial Aid immediately, and submit a Revision Request so that your financial aid can be adjusted accordingly, http://www.washington.edu/students/osfa/prospectiveug/changes.to.award.html

For more information on forms, processes, procedures and deadlines, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at (206) 685-2048 or bristl@u.washington.edu.

Withdrawals, Tuition Forfeitures & Refunds

If you drop, withdraw or stop attending school, please see UW policy by visiting: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/sfs/

School of Pharmacy Scholarship and Award Information, and Loan Assistance

Andrew Brusletten, Director of Student Services:

abruslet@uw.edu, (206) 543-5818

Scholarships and Awards

The School of Pharmacy awards supplemental scholarships and awards each year primarily on the basis of need, as well as scholastic achievement, practice interest, leadership and involvement in professional activities. To be eligible for need-based awards, the applicant must have submitted a current FAFSA. Typically this School's award is $1,000 per year. On-line applications become available during Spring Quarter of the year prior to the academic year of the award. Awards will be made only to those students who submit completed applications by the stated deadline. Incoming first year students are eligible to apply for need-based awards only. Students receiving scholarships and awards from the School of Pharmacy must notify the Office of Student Financial Aid when an award is received.

Scholarship Award Process:

After receiving notice from the Office of Academic and Student Programs that you are eligible for an award, recipients will be required to participate in the Office of Advancement's process for thanking the donor. This includes writing a thank you card, due Autumn Quarter, and attending the scholarship reception. For planning purposes you will be notified of this event upon receipt of your notice of award in the early fall, so that you have time to plan your schedule to insure attendance. Please note: If you have an extenuating circumstance and cannot attend the event, you need to contact the Office of Advancement as soon as possible. Consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis, and an alternative commitment can be arranged. This policy means that while you will be notified of your scholarship awards in Autumn Quarter, the actual dispersing of awards will not occur until Winter Quarter and after receipt of your thank you cards by the Office of Advancement and attendance at the scholarship reception.

This School of Pharmacy policy intends to acknowledge and thank the many alumni and friends who make scholarships a reality.

Additional contingencies upon receipt of the award:

Students must maintain a full-time course load (12 credits). Fourth-year students enrolled in less than 12 credits or who plan a graduation date other than Spring Quarter need to contact Andrew Brusletten.

If a student ceases to attend or complete the required number of credits, arrangements with the School of Pharmacy must be made for repayment.

The School of Pharmacy follows the University policy regarding satisfactory academic progress requirements for continued financial aid eligibility.

Those PharmD students who accept the maximum loans and still have unmet need, receive the highest priority. Information on these and other loans, e.g., GPlus, Health Professions, Perkins, etc., may be found on the Office of Student Financial Aid website: http://www.washington.edu/students/osfa/gradaid/student.loan.program.chart.html

First-year students need a minimum of 108 credits to qualify for the maximum unsubsidized loans. If a first-year student does not enter the program with 108 credits or more, typically they will qualify for the maximum in their 2nd quarter of enrollment.

Financial Aid Loans

NOTE FOR CLASS of 2014 PHARM.D. STUDENTS: If you are attending summer quarter 2013, and are interested in applying for supplemental financial aid, you need to access the website address at http://www.washington.edu/students/osfa/currentug/aid.for.summer.html.

Summer Quarter technically starts the first quarter of the 2013-2014 academic year. The types and amounts of aid available are limited.

Please note for all quarters, including Summer Quarter, that registration in 6 to 11 credits is classified as part-time enrollment. This will result in being considered only for subsidized, unsubsidized GUG and GPlus loans. Twelve or more credits is classified as full-time enrollment and allows students to be also considered for other types of aid, such as the Perkins loans and grants, and Health Profession loans.

A 2013-2014 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a 2013-2014 Renewal Application must be completed listing the University of Washington (Title IV school code 003798) to determine eligibility for financial aid. We recommend filing your FAFSA by the priority deadline in February 2013, or if only applying for financial aid during Summer Quarter, at least 12 weeks prior to the beginning of Summer Quarter.

To be considered for Summer Quarter financial aid, you must also submit the UW summer aid application located at: http://www.washington.edu/students/osfa/currentug/aid.for.summer.htm . It is important to file by the May deadline for priority processing. Normal processing time for Summer Quarter aid can take up to eight weeks depending upon when you submitted your FAFSA and if additional information is needed to evaluate your eligibility.

Also, please keep in mind that the practicum requirements will likely decrease your ability to work outside of school, so it is possible to complete a financial aid revision form projecting the change in your income. Make sure to complete the form for the 2013-2014 academic year.


Financial aid in the form of emergency loans from the School of Pharmacy, Office of Academic and Student Programs is offered on either a short-term or long-term loan basis with a maximum of $1000-$3000 per fund, per year depending on which loan fund is used.

To apply for an emergency loan:

  • Obtain a Student Loan application from the ASP Office
  • Complete the left half of the form, leaving the right half, “For Departmental Use,” blank.

Starting at the top of the form:

  • “Loan amount” - $1,000-$3,000 (maximum allowed per year depending on loan fund)
  • “Loan type:” check “Departmental”
  • Continue completing the following pertinent information: “Name, Address, Employer Information, Parent’s Information, References (two) and your Signature”

To be eligible to obtain an emergency loan a student must:

  • be enrolled full time
  • be required to discuss with the signatory of the loan form, the reasons you need the loan; acceptable reasons may include insufficient funds to purchase food, shelter, and books
  • sign a promissory note


Short Term:

  • A short term emergency loan requires 90-day repayment policy or upon demand when financial aid or Stafford disbursement is received
  • No interest will be charged, if repaid on time
  • The short term loan fund is not considered as a resource to financial aid eligibility.

Long Term:

  • Interest rates vary.
  • This long-term loan fund is considered a financial resource in financial aid eligibility and requires notifying the Financial Aid Office by filling out aRevision Request form.
  • Student must keep lender updated on his or her own enrollment status.
  • Please consult Andrew Brusletten for information on the repayment schedule of these loans.

Please note:

Those authorized to sign this form upon completion are: Dr. Nanci Murphy, Andrew Brusletten, Micki Kedzierski.

To ensure that your needs are met in a timely matter, it is recommended that you contact either Andrew Brusletten or Dr. Nanci Murphy to make an appointment. Emergency loans typically take two working days to process.


Scholarships, Endowments and Loans (2012)

Endowed Scholarships

Evelyn and George Benson
L.D. and Jim L. Bracken
Lynn R. Brady
Class of ‘69
Joan Douget

George Grebenicoff

Adam Hansen

Claire & Lars Hennum
Leo A. Kushner
Craig and Sally Kvam
The Lau Family

Sid & Joan Nelson
Jack E. Orr

John B. Quick
Louis and Gertrude Rubenstein
Muriel C. Vincent

Corporate Scholarships

Albertson’s, Inc.
Bartell Drug Company
CVS Corporation
Fred Meyer
Kelley-Ross Pharmacy
Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Co.
Quality Food Centers, Inc. (QFC)
Walgreens Co.

Special Scholarships

Lara Andjelkovic & Jacob Connell

Dean’s Fund for Excellence
Walter & Hazel Hinman Foundation
Michaelene (Micki) Kedzierski

National Association for Chain Drug Stores
Pharmacy Alumni Association

Pharmacy Excellence Diversity & Health Promotion
Lillian Ramsey Memorial

Washington State Pharmacy Foundation


Please note that additional changes/updates will occur, so please check back.

UW Travel Grants

Any graduate or professional student attending the University of Washington Seattle campus is eligible to apply for travel grants when available. The funds can be used for traveling to an academic or professional conference that relates to a student's area of study and will enhance professional development. Graduate and professional students can receive GPSS Travel Grants only once during their graduate career.

Funding Timeline:

  • Applications will be accepted and reviewed every three months by GPSS according to application deadlines. Your date of travel must be between deadlines. The application process information, deadlines and availability are posted on their website at: http://www.gpss.washington.edu/fundings/travel.

In addition, the student winning the local APhA-ASP Patient Counseling Competition receives $500 from the Bartell Corporation to participate in the national competition at the APhA Annual Meeting. The UW ASHP Clinical Skills Competition winning team receives a Bill Mueller Travel Award for a total of $750 to compete in the national competition at the ASHP Midyear.

Travel funds may also be available from the Center for Pharmacy Leadership and Professional Excellence, UPPOW, and the Dean’s Fund for Excellence.

Graduate and Professional Fee Waiver

At the direction of the UW Regents the tuition waiver program was  discontinued effective July 1, 2012. That means that the waiver is no longer available for any graduate or professional student who was admitted to the University and begins enrollment Autumn Quarter 2012, and after.

However, all graduate and professional students admitted and enrolled prior to July 1, 2012 are eligible to apply for the waiver and if approved, continue receiving the waiver as long as they maintain continuous enrollment status and submit an application every year until graduation.*****

Current information on criteria and the fee waiver process may be found at http://www.washington.edu/students/reg/residency/graduateProfessional.html. ,

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