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Resources for Faculty

Guidelines for Promotion & Tenure
Approved by faculty vote on: May 17, 2004
Last revision: May 28, 2004

Decisions concerning appointment, reappointment, promotion and tenure are based on a faculty member's effectiveness in research/scholarly activities, teaching and professional and community service. This document amplifies the UW Handbook by detailing the criteria and providing a variety of examples for how the criteria might be met. This document should serve as a guide to individual faculty for self-evaluation and for departmental deliberations regarding appointment, promotion and tenure.

The University of Washington Handbook
Volume Two of The University Handbook is a compilation of descriptions, statutes, resolutions, executive orders, administrative orders, actions, and regulations which establish authority, provide for faculty organization and guide the academic administration of the institution. You may find the following sections helpful when considering the promotion and tenure process:

    Volume Two, the Administration and Faculty
    Chapter 24: Appointment and Promotion of faculty members
    Chapter 25: Tenure of the Faculty

School of Pharmacy Web site
For a thorough discussion of procedures, including contacts and useful links, consult the School of Pharmacy Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Procedures.

Policy on Payment from Visitors
The School of Pharmacy occasionally hosts visitors who are interested in learning more about our instructional and/or research programs. They are guests of the school and usually give us nothing beyond a token gift. Occasionally, however, cash payments are directed to faculty/staff. This policy defines the appropriate handling of such payments.

Student Handbook & Classroom Policies
The Student Handbook has been compiled as a reference for students to use during their enrollment in the School of Pharmacy. It outlines UW School of Pharmacy policies and procedures.