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About the Bracken Pharmacy Learning Center

Bracken Center displaySterile Products and Drug Product Quality Room
Equipped with a horizontal laminar airflow hood, two biological safety cabinets, automated pharmaceutical formulation equipment, dissolution apparatus and automated spectrophotometer, the Sterile Products and Drug Product Quality room is used to develop aseptic technique skills, teach quality assurance measures, and link the physical pharmacy and biological aspects of drug products - pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics and chemical properties - with clinical principles and practices.

Learning Center

The Learning Center is the core area of the Bracken Center. There are multiple pharmacy work stations, each equipped with the following:

  • pharmaceutical formulations (compounding) and dispensing equipment and supplies
  • PDX pharmacy dispensing system
  • networked PC with Internet and Intranet access
  • comprehensive text and computer-based references
  • patient assessment equipment and supplies

The Learning Center also has a section for durable medical equipment, nonprescription products, and shared supplies and resources shelved in wall and floor cabinets lining each side of the room.

Audio-Video Suite
The newest addition to the Learning Center is an integrated suite of audio-video equipment featuring four ceiling mounted cameras that are used to record patient counseling sessions, provide feedback to students in communication skills development lessons, etc.

Patient Assessment Room
The patient assessment and counseling room is used to develop student skills in assessing and monitoring specific patient diseases. The Patient Assessment Laboratory (PAL) course uses this room extensively to teach students the "how to's" associated with the knowledge they gain in the Applied Therapeutics Course sequence. The PAL course is one of the strengths of the new School of Pharmacy curriculum.

Conference Room
Students and faculty engage in small group discussions and make presentations in the adjacent Bracken Center conference room. This room also has a one-way mirror that allows the students to view and hear what occurs in the patient assessment room.