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Faculty Members

Collins, Carol - Clinical Associate Professor
B.S., 1981, M.S., 1987, M.D., 1991. The Ohio State University; residency, urology 1991-97, the Ohio State University; R.A.C. 2001. Drug interactions.

Ho, Rodney J. Y. - Professor
Professor. B.S. 1983, University of California, Davis; Ph.D. 1987, University of Tennessee. BIOCHEMISTRY/DRUG DELIVERY; Fellowship in Infectious Diseases 1987-1990, Stanford University. Drug, DNA, protein and antigen targeting based on underlying physio-chemical mechanisms of drug disposition (including enzymes and drug transporters), and inter-individual variations, including genetic basis, in therapeutic responses.

Hu, Shiu-Lok - Milo Gibaldi Endowed Professor
Professor. B.A., 1971, University of California of Berkeley; Ph.D., 1978, University of Wisconsin. INFECTIOUS DISEASES. Structure and function of Viral antigens; vaccine and therapy against primate immunodeficiency viruses (SIV, HIV-1 and HIV-2).

Isoherranen, Nina - Associate Professor
Associate Professor. B.S., M.S., 1998, University of Helsinki, Finland; Ph.D., 2003, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Postdoctoral Fellow, 2003-2004, University of Washington. PHARMACOKINETICS/BIOCHEMISTRY. Retinoic acid metabolism and biochemistry of CYP26 enzymes; Molecular mechanisms and in vitro-in vivo correlations of drug-drug interactions; Drug disposition and dynamics during pregnancy. Lab website

Kelly, Edward J. - Associate Professor
B.S., 1985, M.S., 1986, University of California, Riverside; Ph.D., 1996, University of Washington. PHARMACOGENOMICS/BIOCHEMISTRY. Function of CYP4 enzymes in normal and disease states; Generation and characterization of transgenic/knockout mice as preclinical models of human gene function; Development of hepatocytes from human embryonic cells.  Lab website 

Klatt, Nichole - Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, B.S. 2004, University of Minnesota-Duluth; Ph.D., 2009, Emory University and University of Pennsylvania.  INFECTIOUS DISEASES. Understanding mechanisms underlying mucosal dysfunction and development of the latent viral reservoir during HIV infection, and developing novel therapeutic interventions to treat HIV disease pathogenesis and prevent HIV acquisition.

Lin, Yvonne S. - Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor. B.A. 1994, University of California of Berkeley; Ph.D. 2002, University of Washington; Postdoctoral Fellow 2003-2005, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. PHARMOCOKINETICS/PHARMACOGENOMICS. Regulation of drug metabolizing enzymes in children; effect of obesity and diabetes; metabolomics.

Mao, Qingcheng - Associate Professor
Associate Professor. B.Eng., 1985; M.Eng., 1988, East China University of Chemical Technology, China; Ph.D., 1995, University of Bern, Switzerland. DRUG TRANSPORT. ABC protein-mediated drug transport; structure, function and molecular mechanisms of ABC transporters; role of ABC transporters in drug disposition during pregnancy.

Ragueneau-Majlessi, Isabelle - Clinical Associate Professor
MD, 1993, Saint-Antoine University, Paris (France). Master in Biomedical Regulatory Affairs, 2010, University of Washington. CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY. Mechanistic Aspects, clinical relevance, and risk management of drug-drug interactions.

Shen, Danny D. - Professor
Professor. B.A., 1971, Luther College, Iowa; Ph.D., 1975, State University of New York at Buffalo; PHARMACOKINETICS. Pathophysiologic factors affecting first-pass drug extraction at the liver and the intestine; transport processes governing delivery of anticonvulsants and opioid analgesics to the central nervous system; disposition kinetics of neurotoxicants including mercury and volatile solvents.

Thummel, Kenneth E. - Professor and Chair
Professor and Chair. B.S., 1981, Boise State University; Ph.D., 1987, University of Washington; Postdoctoral Fellow, 1987-89, University of Connecticut Health Sciences Center. PHARMACOGENETICS. Effect of CYP3A polymorphisms on drug clearance and adverse drug reactions; mechanisms of CYP3A drug-drug interactions; pharmacokinetic modeling of human intestinal and hepatic CYP3A4-dependent drug metabolism.

Unadkat, Jashvant D. - Professor
Professor. B.Pharm. 1977, University of London; Ph.D. 1982, University of Manchester, England. PHARMACOKINETICS. Mechanisms of transport and metabolism of drugs used in the treatment of AIDS and AIDS-associated opportunistic infections.

Wang, Joanne. - Professor                                                                                                                                                        Professor. B.S. 1992, Peking University, P.R. China; Ph.D. 1998, University of California, San Francisco; Postdoctoral Fellow,1998-2000, University of California, San Francisco. DRUG TRANSPORT/ DRUG TARGETING/ PHARMACOKINETICS. Roles of transporters in drug disposition and action; Transporter-mediated drug-drug interaction; Neurotransmitter transporters.


Adjunct & Affiliate Faculty

Anderson, Gail (Adjunct Professor)
Beaumier, Paul (Affiliate Associate Professor)
Foster, David M.
Kunze, Kent L. (Adjunct Associate Professor)
Lee, Suzanne (Clinical Associate Professor)
Link, Jeanne (Adjunct Associate Professor)
Smith, Helen (Affiliate Assistant Professor)
Woodahl, Erica, (Affiliate Associate Professor)
Vicini, Paolo (Affiliate Associate Professor)

Emeritus Faculty
Levy, Rene H. - Professor Emeritus