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Seminars & Journal Club (Winter Quarter 2014)

Rotation Student Presentations
PCEUT/Med Chem 520 Seminars
will be Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. in K-069, unless noted otherwise.
Seminar titles and notices will be posted weekly

PCEUT 583 Journal Club presentations will be Thursdays from 1:45 p.m. to 2:35 p.m. in Room SOCC 303, unless noted otherwise.
A pdf of the article presented will be posted weekly and linked under the presenters name.

Click on titles to view the 520 Seminar notices & abstracts and the 583 Journal Club articles.

PCEUT/Med Chem 520 Seminar

click HERE to download a pdf of the schedule

PCEUT 583 Journal Club
click HERE to download a pdf of the schedule

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David Plotnik
Graduate Student, Pharmaceutics

HIV  Vaccine Immunogen Design Strategies to Elicit Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies                    



Zufei Zhang  & Michael Liao

Basis of combination treatments for HIV and complex DDIs of HIV drugs

Jan  16


Grant Barker
Graduate Student, Medicinal Chemistry

Effect of EdAG on GSH-Dependent Enzymes 


Jenna Voellinger & Jia Yin

HIV prophylaxis-pros and cons and drug design    


Jan  23

Namandje Bumpus, Ph.D.
John Hopkins University

Cellular Signaling in Antiretroviral Drug-Induced Toxicity

Jenna Voellinger & Vineet Kumar

HIV, epidemiology, treatments and vaccination

Jan 30

Sam Arnold
Graduate Student, Pharmaceutics

Retinoic Acid Formation in Human Testicular Tissue

Jash Unadkat

Complex drug-drug interactions of HIV drugs

Feb 6

Mavis Li
Graduate Student, Medicinal Chemistry

Understanding the Molecular Aspects of ATP Binding and Hydrolysis of the Multidrug Resistance Protein-P-glycoprotein


Tim Wong & Alenka Jaklic

Alterations in drug disposition due to acute infections and chronic inflammation



Vineet Kumar 
Graduate Student, Pharmaceutics

Prediction of Transporter Mediated Hepatic Drug Disposition 


Diana Shuster & Cate Lockart

Treatment of Hepatitis C and DDI management in Hepatitis C

Feb  20

Brian Chapron
Graduate Student, Pharmaceutics

Exploring the Interplay of P-gp and CYP3A at the Intestinal Epithelium

Danny Shen

The DDI concerns of old and new Hepatitis C drugs

Feb 27

Leslie Dickmann, Ph.D. 

Ocular Drug Development: A Focus on Drug Delivery and Pharmacokinetics



Leslie Dickmann
Genetech, San Francisco 

The effect of immune response on P450 expression and regulation

Mar  6

Theresa Aliwarga
Graduate Student, Pharmaceutics

Investigating the CYP2J2-mediated Metabolism of Arachidonic Acid in Three Different in vitro Systems

Jing Jing & Eli Weber

Renal toxicity and role of renal clearance for drugs used to treat HIV and Hepatitis B


Mar  13


Jenny Sager
Graduate Student, Pharmaceutics

Characterizing the Metabolism of Bupropion


Joanne Wang

The importance of kidney transporters in the renal toxicity of Adefovir and Tenofovir          


Mar  20





Rotation Student Presentations














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