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Autumn 2014 Seminars & Journal Club

Rotation Student Presentations
PCEUT/Med Chem 520 Seminars
will be Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. in K-069, unless noted otherwise.
Seminar titles and notices will be posted weekly

PCEUT 583 Journal Club presentations will be Thursdays from 1:45 p.m. to 2:35 p.m. in Room SOCC 303, unless noted otherwise.
A pdf of the article presented will be posted weekly and linked under the presenters name.

Click on titles to view the 520 Seminar notices & abstracts and the 583 Journal Club articles.


PCEUT 583 Journal Club

Sept 25



Wynton McClary
Graduate Student, Medicinal Chemistry

Dynamics of Ligand Interactions with CYP3A4 in Lipid Membrane Nanodiscs                






Oct. 2


Jing Jing
Graduate Student, Pharmaceutics

Altered Retinoic Acid and Vitamin A Homeostasis in Chronic Kidney Disease


General Introduction: Ken Thummel an Nichole Klatt



Oct. 9

Dennis Goulet, Graduate Student, Medicinal Chemistry

Improving the Eficacy of Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Alenka Jaklic an Eli Weber

PK-PD Classic, Holford and Sheiner, 1981

Oct. 16

Stephan Oswald, Ph.D
University Medicine of Greifswald, Germany

Expression, Regulation and Function of Transporter Proteins and Metabolizing in the Human Intestine

Brian Chapron and David Wagner

Clinical and genetic determinants of wararin PK-PD relationship, Gong et al, PLoS One, 2011

Oct. 23

Catherin Lockhart, Graduate Student Pharmaceutics

Function and Regulation of CYP4V2


Dave Veenstra

Warfarin-Therapy-Pharmacogenetic testing for initial dose selection, Kimmel et al; Pirmohamed et al, 2013


Oct. 30

Jake Kraft
Graduate Student, Pharmaceutics

The Interplays Between Physiochemical Propery of Drug and Lymphatic vs. Blood Exposure in Relationship to Metastatic Spread of Cancers


Jessica Tay and Vineet Kumar

Bleeding Risk with new oral anticoagulant therapies-PK/PD modeling of population variability, Reilly et al, 2014

Nov. 6

Eric Evangelista,

Graduate Student, Medicinal Chemistry

CYP1B1: Role in Estrogen Metabolism and Breast Cancer

Jeannine McCune

Tamoxifen therapy for ER-positive breast cancer-role of active metabolites seasonal variation and pharmacogenetic testing, assigned articles


Gabby Patilea, Graduate Student Pharmaceutics

Designer Drugs of Abuse



Jenny Sager and Michael Liao
Graduate Students, Pharmaceutics

Aspirin antiplatelet therapy-PK/PD relationships, Patrignani et al, 2014

Nov. 20

David Baggett
Graduate Student, Medicinal Chemistry

The development on Taupathy Treatment

Ken Thummel

Clopidogrel antiplatelet therapy-Pharmacogenetic testing and drug ineractions assigned articles.


Dec. 4


Faith Stevison
Graduate Student, Pharmaceutics

Literature Review of CYP17


Tim Wong and Savannah Kerr

PEAR! Gene Variation and repsonse to dual platelet inhibition therapy, Lewis et al, 2013         



Dec. 11





Rotation Student Presentations


















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