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Medicinal Chemistry - Housing Information

Closest Neighborhoods to the University

Seattle is a city of neighborhoods. Neighborhoods located closest to the University are listed below. They are relatively safe but it is always good to be alert and observant no matter where you live. Even within one neighborhood, some sections may not be as nice as others. It is a good idea to research your potential neighborhood as thoroughly as possible.

Although cost varies, the lowest rent in these neighborhoods tends to be about $800 per month. There are less expensive places but they are harder to find and are usually studio apartments without a separate bedroom, or the location is not so good. There are many rentals in the $900-$1200 range or higher, depending on the size of the apartment, the location, whether there is a view of water, and any “extras” the apartment may have.

NeighborhoodAverage Bus Ride to UW
Capitol Hill 15-20 min
Eastlake 15-20 min
Fremont/Ballard 20-25 min
Greenlake 15-20 min
Greenwood 15-20 min
Montlake 10 min
Phinney Ridge 15 min
Ravenna/Bryant 10 min
Roosevelt 5 min
Sandpoint 10-15 min
University District 5 min
Wedgwood 10 min
Wallingford 15 min


The Seattle Times web site has a Real Estate section with weekly articles focusing on different neighborhoods.


Online Places to Search for Housing:

Classified "Rentals" section, Seattle Times and Seattle PI

Follow this link. From the drop-down box provided, choose area, neighborhood, desired rent, number of bedrooms, then click GO!.

Rental Search Websites (non-UW)

ApartmentList.com- Provides information about neighborhoods, nearby attractions, and more. ApartmentList.com.

Zumper - Free apartment rental search website. Zumper.com.


Craigslist is a free online classified advertising (“ad”) site that has grown in popularity and now operates in many U.S. cities and around the world. Some people like to use craigslist to search for apartments. Things to consider about craigslist:

  • The newest listings are at the top of the screen. The listing date is shown at the left hand side of the listing. Some of the listings contain photographs of the listed apartment; some do not.
  • Posters can be “creative” when describing the location of the listed apartment. For example, they will describe an apartment as being in Greenlake (or often, “North Greenlake”) when it is actually miles away from the lake in an adjoining neighborhood. They do this because Greenlake is a desirable neighborhood and the adjoining neighborhood may not be so desirable. So you need to verify that the apartment is actually located in the neighborhood you want.
  • Always keep your safety and security in mind when dealing with people you do not know. On the craigslist home page you will see links on the left called "avoid scams and fraud" and "personal safety tips." These contain helpful safety information.

The Daily - UW Online Classifieds

Student newspaper; their classified section contains ads for room rentals and a few apartments and houses.

UW Today Online Classifieds

Distributed University wide every Thursday, via email. Ocassionally you will find a rental listed in their classified section.

Visiting Scholars Association

Not affiliated with the University of Washington, but offers several free services. http://www.visitingscholars.org.

Temporary, Short-Term Housing

You may decide you want to come to Seattle and stay in a hotel so you can look for an apartment in person. This link from the Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS) web site provides a list of nearby hotels. Most of them are near the University, except for the Commodore, YWCA, and Green Tortoise.

Useful UW Housing Links

The following web sites contain lots of helpful information, especially if you are visiting us from another country. You can also go to the UW home page and type "housing" or any other subject in the search box.

  • FIUTS: This UW group offers programs that enhance international understanding and promote cross-cultural friendships. At their office in HUB 310 you can find housing postings specifically for international visitors.
  • International Scholars: They provide immigration and cross-cultural advising to students and scholars from abroad.
  • Off-Campus Housing Affairs: Created by students, this site allows you to look for housing or list your rental, and has an FAQ section with advice on finding housing.