Mass Spectrometry Center

Located in I-court (I - 093) of the Health Sciences Building on the University of Washington campus (click here for directions), the Mass Spectrometry Center is a self-sustaining instrument laboratory providing a wide variety of mass spectral services to the University and the research community-at-large on a recharge basis. The Center serves as a resource offering analytical and instructional expertise in contemporary mass spectrometric techniques and instrumentation with the primary aim of providing investigators with "hands-on" training and ready access to "state-of-the-art" instrumentation needed to develop and meet their research interests. Examples of routine analysis are: Low and High Resolution mass analysis, metabolomics, Metid, analyte quantitation, and structural elucidation.

The Mass Spectrometry Center offers the following four categories of service:

  1. Submitted Sample Analysis ­ Routine analyses performed by Center personnel;
  2. Investigator Instrument Use ­ Instruction in the use and access to Center instrumentation by investigators; and
  3. Protocol Development ­ Contracted development of separations methodologies and mass spectral protocols.
  4. MRM Quantitative Proteomics  We can offer support on quantitative proteomics to the following projects: Protein quantification in tissues, cells, cell lines, biofluids.