Research Affiliate Program on Transporters (UWRAPT)

UWRAPT-logoThe UWRAPT (University of Washington Research Affiliate program on Transporters) is a cooperate affiliate program of University of Washington School of Pharmacy, which is established for the purpose of bringing to bear collective expertise and resources to better understand inter-individual variability in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs by quantifying the absolute expression of transporters in various tissues and cells.

UWRAPT Pharmacy Report 2013 document (pdf)

UWRAPT Article in UW Today:

Academic-industry partnership forms for drug development by Melinda Young

Mao & Unadkat

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2005 cancer research is one of journal’s most cited papers

AAPS Award in UW Today:

UW transplant programs recognized, Honor: Jashvant Unadkat, Evans School caps 50th anniversary celebration





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